Which Solar Battery Has Bigger Storage Capacity Between Lead Acid Battery & Lithium- Ion Battery?

Solar batteries are a very important aspect of a solar system. These batteries can store electrical energy in the form of chemical energy and convert that energy into electricity. The Lead Acid Battery and the Lithium-Ion Battery are the two most common battery chemistry types. As their names imply, lithium-ion batteries are made with the metal lithium, while lead-acid batteries are made with lead. I bet you knew that already. Did you know that their chemistry differences have a great influence on their individual performance and cost?

Lead Acid Battery

An individual lead-acid battery will typically have a gross storage capacity of 100Ah - 200Ah @ 12V or 1.2kWh - 2.4kWh. They may be connected in series for a higher voltage and/or in parallel for greater capacity at the same voltage. A typical lead-acid pack suitable for a residential grid-backup solution will be in the range of 8kWh - 25kWh depending on the length of time required to operate off-grid and the total power of the loads to be supported.

Lithium-Ion Battery 

Lithium-Ion battery packs typically are supplied as self-contained units with a built-in battery management system (BMS). Gross capacities vary from about 2kWh up to 8 - 10kWh depending on the model and manufacturer. Some models may be connected in parallel; others may be extended with expansion packs and all need to be fully supported by the software in the battery charger/inverter chosen.


Conclusion? Lithium-Ion is currently the most sought after solar battery.


kabelo lekalakala

kabelo lekalakala

I am looking into converting from Eskom grid to solar.

The solar power will supply some industrial machinery i.e. incubation and hatchery machines, power tools, mass lights, and electrical fencing. could you guys do a site visit for inspection and quote?

i am based in a smallholding farm in Mmamogalieskraal Brits



So Lithium-Ion it is!

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