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Which Pylontech should I use for my solar system?

This is one of the many questions you ask yourself when buy solar batteries. Let me first tell you a little more about Pylontech, the company:

Founded in October 2009, Shanghai Paineng Energy is a pioneer for lithium iron phosphate batteries (Pylontech) deployed in energy storage systems (ESS).

PylonTech has been leading the global market, and by the end of 2019 had more than 1.5GWH of projects commissioned in over 50 countries.

PylonTech’s products and solutions had been widely deployed in power backup, telecom power backup, new energy storage systems and also electric vehicles.  The state of the art energy storage solution has packaged the technology into a rack mount module for ultimate flexibility and ease of installation.  Rated as the best value for money battery on the market PylonTech batteries have proved very popular with customers.

Lets get down to the technical section:

In South-Africa, the first Pylontech batteries that where available was the US2000. This is a 48v, 2.4kWh battery with a DOD (Depth of discharge) of 80%. Shortly after this, the US3000 (48v, 3.5kWh) & UP2500 (24v, 2.84kWh) was available to the market. Both these products has a DOD of 80%. In 2021, the US3000C (48v, 3.5kWh) was available to the SA market.

The US3000C allows a recommended discharge of 1776w per hour, a maximum discharge (for 5 minutes) of 3552w and a surge discharge (for 15 seconds) of 4320w and a DOD of 95%. Follow the US3000C, was the UP5000 which is also a 48v, 4800w battery. The Pylontech UP5000 allows a recommended discharge of 2400w per hour, a maximum discharge (for 5 minutes) of 3552w and a surge discharge (for 15 seconds) of 4320w and a DOD of 95%, which is an astonishing 4560kWh that can be used.

Should you buy US2000C, US3000C or UP5000 batteries? Firstly, the price per kWh is cheaper the bigger battery. We calculate this by taking the price divided by the kWh. If you want to run only lights in your 300m2 house during load shedding, the US2000C should get you there. Remember, this is only estimated, as every household’s usage differs drastically. If you want to run a 9000 btu fixed speed aircon (rated power usage of 1000w per hour) for two hours during load shedding, you will need at least a UP5000. 

Are Pylontech batteries compatible? So short answer is Yes!. The Pylontech UP5000 batteries are compatible with the US3000C, US2000C, US3000, and US2000.

*Mixture using master battery priority: UP5000>US3000C>US2000C>US3000>US2000 For same type of module always use the latest production unit as master.

*Mixture using battery deployment option: Master battery (1st) UP5000

Slave 2nd ~8th UP5000/US3000C/US2000C/US3000/US2000

Slave 9th ~16th UP5000/US3000C/US2000C

Remember about the extended warranty. Once you register your battery with Pylontech, the warranty is extended from a 7 year to a 10 year period.


I hope this brief explanation helps you with the questions you might have. I you want more information, let me know by sending an email to and if there is enough requests, I will do a follow up article.

FarmAbility greetings,

De Klerk

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