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In the Spotlight : Stanley Beer Growler

The Stanley Classic Growler is not just a regular booze container.  It is the perfect beer jug for holding and transporting craft or homebrewed beer. It is a super convenient festival or special occasion alcohol vacuum container.  BYOB to the braai, fishing waters, or outdoor adventure has never been this convenient. The growler has a wide mouth making cleaning and filling exceptionally easy.  Keeps your beer fresh and crisp and comes with a lifetime warranty.  LIFETIME WARRANTY!

What are its uses?

Holding and transporting beer or other drinks. Or even water if that is what you want to fill it with. We cant tell you what to do. But, BEER. Fill it with booze!

Its benefits? 

It has many benefits, but on top of the list is that it has double-wall vacuum insulation that keeps your drink colder or hotter for longer. Many people just love how the Stanley Beer Growler is fully leak-proof and easily packable. It is easy to carry around because it has a full hand width handle.


You can use it anywhere. However, its super ideal for outdoor and camping because it is with 18/8 Stainless Steel to the lid. Hot beverages stay hot for 18 Hours. Cold ones for 24 Hours. Iced beverages will stay that way for 4 Days. For Real!

    In Conclusion

    The Stanley Classic Vacuum-Insulated Beer Growler is designed for maintenance. It is also safe to wash in the dishwasher. The growler is BPA free making it safer and healthier to use than some of its counterparts. 

    Stanley PMI gives the following guarantee: Our products do what we say they do, or we replace them. We guarantee it.”  

    Our team prepared a little combo convenience for ya. We thought you`d like it. 


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    What is your favorite beer container story?

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