MegaNet™ Sprinklers

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When irrigating any crops with up to 10x12 meter spacing, MegaNet™, with its innovative “fortress” impact sprinkler design, gives you excellent crop uniformity while preventing issues caused by insects, poor water quality or field machine damage.

Two Types of MegaNet™ Rotating Impact Sprinkler: 

  • High water trajectory angle – 24D for vegetables and open field crops, open field nurseries, crop germination, frost mitigation, cooling fruit orchards and roof dust cleaning.
  • Low water trajectory angle – 15D  for under-tree irrigations and shade/net houses.



Why MegaNet™ 15D & 24D?

  • Ensures high and uniform yields.

  • The MegaNet™ has a symmetric structure that allows the water split to two equal water jets, that contribute to a balanced sprinkler, providing very high water- distribution uniformity.

  • Increased germination: Gentle water jets produce relatively small drops near the ground making it ideal for germination.
  • The MegaNet™ has a pop-up mechanism and it is opened only during irrigation. This mechanism protects the nozzle and protects the sprinklers moving parts, by preventing insects and dirt particles to get inside the sprinkler.

  • Each MegaNet™ sprinkler has an integral filter that ensures clean water inside the nozzle. In addition, this filter can be easily cleaned if needed.

  • An extended product life achieved by superior raw material composition resistant the chemicals, fertilizers, and sun exposure.

Specifications of MegaNet™ 15D & 24D

  • 7 different nominal flow rates: 200, 250, 350, 450, 550, 650 and 750 ℓ/h. Nominal flow rates at 23 m pressure. 
  • Recommended working pressure: 20 - 30 m (at the sprinkler head).
  • It can be installed on solid sets or in portable field stands.
  • Made of UV-protected materials, durable to all climate conditions and nutrients injected in agricultural applications.
  • 2 types of water trajectory: High - 24⁰ and Low - 15⁰
  • Colour-coded locking pins and caps for easy identification. 15D - grey locking pin; 24D - black locking pin.
  • Inlet connector: 15 mm threaded 
  • Recommended filtration: 400 micron
  • 2 balanced water jets.
  • Individual filter in each sprinkler.

MegaNet™ is a product of Netafim 


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