How much is electric fencing?

In South Africa, electric fencing has become part of our lives. Whether you are using it to secure your house or your animals, at FarmAbility we sell everything from electric fence energizers, to electric fence wire and electric fence kits. 

For all the prices on our electric fencing, simply click here. We deliver to any street address in South Africa, and currently, all orders above R450 are shipped free of charge.

This is just an introduction to electric fencing. In the next three weeks, I will be posting more product info from residential to agricultural energizers. In the meantime, feel free to to look at the various products available.

So, what do you need to secure your residential property? Let's start with the smallest energizer available from Nemtek that we currently have. The Druid 15 delivers 500 Ohms load at 4.6 Joule output. This is enough to make it uncomfortable for any intruder. With the built in battery, it will provide you with warning even when there is loadshedding. Add some Nemtek square tube bracketsgalvanised stranded wire, ferrules, earth-live loops, and finally finish off with some warning signs. Please note in South Africa all electric residential fencing requires a valid COC to be issued once installed.

Nemtek’s agricultural fencing range is one of our top choices by our customers. Nemtek caters for sheep, goats, chickens, horses, cattle and even rhinos. These products can be used as stand alone units in the field with solar panels included in the kits, and can also be connected with batteries (sold separately) to provide power during the night.  Ranging from our Agri energizers, Agri energizers with solar, gate handle kits for equestrian and our sheep and goat netting just to name a few (and I mean a few of the hundreds of items), one can see there is endless possibilities with the partnership between FarmAbility and Nemtek. For more of Nemtek’s products, visit our Nemtek range by clicking here

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