use hand cleaner to remove grease

Hand cleaner will get your hands squeeky clean!

How would you describe yourself? Are you a hands-on person? Hands-on is good… but it has consequences. Consequences that the usual next-to-the-sink soap won’t fix. Sure, it smells lovely, but it doesn’t get all the dirt and grime and grease and stuff off of your hands. Whether you have a love for working in the […]

In The Spotlight | HIKVISION EZVIZ C3W(ezGuard)

Want to keep a close eye on your home from afar? Leave the C3W (ezGuard) in charge to notify you when you have visitors. If you know them, talk to them, if not, use the siren to scare them away. Active Light and Sound Alarms for Enhanced Defense. Upon detection, the C3W (ezGuard) activates a…Learn more…