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How do I prepare for a hunting trip

Is it too early to prepare for hunting season? Never! Are you waiting until the last minute? Irresponsible! Get your ducks in a row, sharpen your knives and gear up for the cold! Camo is not always best While taking stock of your inventory, imagine the grass and ground, the camouflaged animal, the camo jacket. […]

Where can I buy gas stoves and braaiers?

You can shop for your essential gas equipment at Farmability! We have the essentials like braaiers, gas stoves, gas heaters and gas pipe fittings. And then we have the essentials like a biltong maker, flasks, beer steins and wine cups. Do you get different types of braaiers? But of course! Life is too exciting to […]

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What is the most popular tool set?

A complete one! Okay, jokes aside… The best tool set to get, is one that has the tools you commonly use, all in one. Being able to grab and go part of your workshop, saves you time and frustration. Instead of walking back countless of times, to get just the right size tool, you can […]

What light is the best to use during loadshedding

One seriously handy piece of equipment, one can even argue that it is a necessity, is a proper flashlight. Maybe even two, or three. For different applications, you need different types of light.. “Yes dear, I definitely need more than one flashlight”. You can’t go hunting with a headlight, and you can’t braai with a […]

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Why do I need an ear tag marking pen

Just as a mom knows the importance of marking school clothes (and shoes and bags and everything…), a farmer knows the importance of marking his livestock. Although marking them won’t keep it from getting lost (in both cases), it will help with identification (in both cases!) What information is written on an ear tag Ear […]

Where can I buy a biltong cutter online?

Just like the smell of sunscreen is synonymous with the beach, so is the chomping sound of a biltong cutter reminiscent of relaxing, watching the game, having a braai…and of course, drooling. That sound has us trained, better than Pavlov ever could train his dogs. Even with modern technology introducing the electrical biltong cutter…. Still […]

Where can I buy rat poison near me?

What can be closer to you, than online shopping? Rather than driving to your closest store (according to Google), getting there and finding out they do not have stock, grab your phone, place an order, and voila! Let’s tackle your rodent-poison-related questions… Which rat and mouse poison is the best? The best poison, would be […]

How to kill flies and flying insects

Flies are not cool. They are bothersome, pesky, annoying, frustrating, irritating, dirty, gross…. And yet part of life. Since they are here to stay, we must try and live with them. If you have not yet read our previous blog about how to get rid of flies, fly on over and have a look! […]

What grease is safe to use with food?

Why do you need to grease food processing equipment? You can never have enough lube… for food processing machines. Maintaining your equipment is an essential part of a successful business: especially if that equipment has a lot of moving parts and is the core part of your business. Without proper maintenance, the moving parts becomes […]

how to get rid of flies how to kill flies

How to get rid of flies

Trying to figure out the next load-shedding time? Surely that is more difficult than getting rid of flies? Loadshedding has a schedule, sometimes. But flies? They have no rules and no schedules.. They only thing they do have, is a gross-I’m-annoying factor. Getting your home rid of flies, can be approached in different ways. What […]