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Which Size Borehole Pump Should I Buy?

We get this question a lot. There are some basic questions that we always ask our customers. Firstly, we need to know if the borehole has been tested for its delivery yield. Why test a borehole for its delivery yield? The main reason for this, is to establish how quickly water replenishes the borehole. The […]

Which Pylontech should I use for my solar system?

This is one of the many questions you ask yourself when buy solar batteries. Let me first tell you a little more about Pylontech, the company: Founded in October 2009, Shanghai Paineng Energy is a pioneer for lithium iron phosphate batteries (Pylontech) deployed in energy storage systems (ESS). PylonTech has been leading the global market, […]

In the Spotlight : Stanley Beer Growler

What’s the longest you can keep beer cold while stored in the Stanley Beer Growler? 24hrs! Find out what else…

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Wheel Bearings and Hubs | Where to find AUTHENTIC trailer parts in South Africa

There are five primary causes of bearing failures. These are lack of lubrication, overloading the vehicle, installing the axle nut too tight, or installing the axle nut too loose, contamination of the grease due to missing / defective grease caps and seals.FarmAbility is the one-stop-shop for all your trailer parts needs.

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In the spotlight | Hikvision C6TC (Mini 360 Plus) Security Camera

EZVIZ C6TC Mini 360 Plus is a CCTV home security camera system with pan-tilt abilities giving a horizontal panorama view and delivers clear Fully High Definition images with crisp detail. It is currently ON SALE NOW for a special price. Get FREE DELIVERY TODAY!

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5 Reasons to Get the D5 SMART Gate Motor Right Now!

In short, the new D5 SMART is a gate motor for the ages. But what does all this mean to you, the homeowner shopping for a new gate motor? Well, it means that you are about to experience security and convenience like never before.

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What`s your favorite DAD story?

What`s your favorite DAD story? Leave a comment below. Join The Conversation!

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